Type:Size 1(26cm ring light with mini tripod),Size 2(26cm ring light with 50cm tripod),Size 3(26cm ring light with 110cm tripd)

Note: Please pay attention to the model you want to buy, because it has three sizes and is easy to confuse.

Function: 1.Different ways to adjust the light, warm white light freely adjustable
2.With a telephone clip, you are both hands
3.Special SMD LED design, light and portable. Constant current drive, low power loss.
4.NO ultraviolet rays and infrared light radiation, low heat production, safety and environment
5.It is widely applied to light outdoor photo, light fill in home, portrait, fashion, wedding art, photography advertising, video shooting, etc.
6.With reinforced with flexible arm that moves freely and never droop.
7.There will be brilliant rings to reflect on you eyes as you wear charming cosmetic contact lenses.

Technical specifications:
Source type light: LED
Main field of application: direct lamp fill beauty light
Light source power: 24W
Voltage: 2V5A
Number of beads: 120
Led ring light Size:26CM
Tripod: 110cm
Dimmable: YES
Led Weight Light: 400g
Tripod Weight: 600g
Package Weight: 1.2 kg
Led Light Size: 25.5CM
Use : photography / Live
Color temperature: 2700K-5500K

Frames and list items:
1* Size 1 /Size 2 / Size 3